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Distribution of Canned Beef to Charitable Organisations

The Minister for Agriculture and Food, has arranged for the canning of prime intervention beef cuts for distribution to suitable charitable organisations.

Stocks of canned beef are available for distribution in the following product specifications:

  • Stewed Beef in Gravy contained in 411g, 2.61kg and 3kg can sizes
  • Corned Beef contained in 440g and 2.72kg can sizes

The Department of Agriculture and Food is inviting eligible charitable organisations to apply for a quantity of this food aid. Such charities will receive the product free of charge. The transportation costs of the product from the Department store(s) to the premises or store of the approved charity will be met by the Department.

Eligibility Requirements

A charitable organisation applying for an allocation of food aid must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be engaged in the relief of poverty through the provision of food to the disadvantaged
  • Hold a charity reference number issued by the Revenue Commissioners
  • Be in a position to provide a written declaration from a member of the Gardai or Clergy, a Commissioner for Oaths etc. that the organisation in question is involved in the provision of food aid to the disadvantaged
  • Satisfactorily demonstrate to the Department that they would be in a position to store securely and distribute the quantity of food aid requested
  • Be willing to allow random inspections of their premises by DAF officials to ensure that any food aid allocation is being used for the purpose for which it was intended
  • Be in a position to provide records to the Department of any food aid distributed
  • Have access to a secure storage facility


The application form may be downloaded using the attached link or is available via post or email from:

Teresa Balfe
Department of Agriculture and Food,
Johnstown Castle Estate,

Tel: 053-63400
Ext. 3042
Fax 053-42842